Earnin App Data Shows Early Impact of Coronavirus on Workers

Earnin is a personal finance app used by millions of hourly workers to access their earned wages early; new data is showing that the average worker in the U.S. worked 30% fewer hours on March 16 than they did on March 9; some areas like Washington DC were harder hit with people logging 40% fewer hours; this data comes from tens of thousands of Earnin’s users, 70% of which are hourly wage earners; Earnin’s unique data provide an early window into the economic hit that working class Americans are already experiencing; CEO Ram Palaniappan wants to help policymakers in Washington by making their data available; he tweeted, “The financial crisis will show up before the health crisis is done. It could lead to more unrest and divisiveness OR it could be the moment we all pull together and help each other.” Forbes

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