Crypto Industry Split on Bitcoin Halving Impact

Bitcoin is set to halve, as it does every four years, and the impact of this year’s event could push the market in a number of different ways; the total number of bitcoins that will ever be mined is capped at 21 million, rewards to bitcoin miners keep halving until they reach zero; “With its finite and scheduled supply and decentralized architecture, BTC, in particular, offers the certainty needed in times like these, and will likely become a new safe-haven asset class,” cryptocurrency lending start-up Nexo wrote in a note last week according to CNBC; there is a split amongst investors as to whether or not the price has already been factored into the markets; according to bitcoin exchange CoinCorner bitcoin climbed 7% one month on from the first halving event in 2012, but slipped 10% a month after the second one in 2016. CNBC