Credit Karma CEO Says Financial Services is Becoming Empathetic

Credit Karma CEO Ken Lin talked with Business Insider about the current crisis and what the company is doing to better serve their more than 100 million customers; “All Americans are being impacted, some more severely than others, and now more than ever it’s important to do what’s right by our members versus focusing on increasing our bottom line,” Lin said to Business Insider; the company launched a Relief Roadmap to help users manage their debt and potentially access cash if needed; the pandemic is nothing like we’ve seen before and it will impact businesses for a long time; one of the potential last benefits could be financial services firms becoming more empathetic to their customers; “You don’t always associate the word ’empathy’ with financial services institutions, but we’re seeing the industry provide an unprecedented amount of support for consumers, which I hope will persist,” Lin said. Business Insider

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