Chime CEO Talks About America’s Broken Banking System

According to CB Insights challenger banks are the fastest growing fintech segment in the world; U.S. based Chime has been able to amass more than 8 million customers since launching in 2013 and has recently been in the news for helping customers get early access to stimulus checks; Chime’s mission has been to help the segment of the population that lives paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford the fees a typical bank charges; “We believe that banking in America is broken, particularly for everyday Americans. That population segment has a lot of anxiety around their money, living paycheck to paycheck,” Chime CEO and Co-Founder Chris Britt said to Business Insider. “The mission of the company is helping customers to achieve financial peace of mind.”; the company believes they are well positioned to come out of the crisis stronger than ever; “It’s really a time for us to show our true colors as a brand, to walk the talk,” Britt said. “We want to make sure our members know we are going to help them, we will continue to hire aggressively, and show there is a better way of doing things.” Business Insider

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