Chatbot Providers Add COVID-19 Skill Amid Growing Demand

Chatbot providers Kasisto, Clinc and Finn AI have started to add coronavirus to their set of skills for banks to better assist their customers; conversational AI and chatbots are becoming more important than ever with digital banking usage growing exponentially; “Even those customer population segments that have not been using digital banking are being forced to use it now,” said Gualberto Camacho, VP of Product at Clinc, to American Banker. “Every one of our customers is making a lot of effort to make sure customers are aware of self-service options. Part of that digital strategy includes conversational AI.”; Finn AI has taken a different approach and is trying to focus some of their work on specific COVID issues like loan deferrals; “We do really well with questions about eligibility because we have that already built into more standard products,” said Rob Reardon, Product Manager at Finn AI, to American Banker. “Same with questions about how the program works, what happens if they participate, does their balance increase and does interest still accrue.” American Banker

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