Call for Women Speakers at LendIt Fintech USA 2020

Joy Schwartz, President of LendIt Fintech and Head of LendIt’s Global Women in Fintech Programs shares LendIt’s commitment to supporting diversity in leadership; she invites women executives at fintech companies, banks and seasoned investors to fill out a speaker signup for LendIt FIntech USA 2020 which is now just three months away; topics span various tracks of our agenda including:

  • Credit and Underwriting for the Next Decade
  • Digital Banking – The Epicenter of Fintech Innovation
  • Applying Fintech to Financial Health
  • The Fintech Lending Triple Play – POS, Credit Cards, Loans
  • DeFi and Blockchain: The New Frontier
  • The Next Generation of Data, Design and Analytics

Lend Academy

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Valeria Aloe
Valeria Aloe
Feb. 24, 2020 10:26 pm

It caught my attention that there is not a discussion around Hispanic lending / leveling the playing field for Hispanic entrepreneurs.
Latinos open new businesses at 3 times the rate of other population groups, mostly fueled by Latina entrepreneurship. Still, their businesses remain small due to increased barriers to funding and contracting opportunities. Given that Hispanics will make up for 30% of the US population in 2026 (as per the Census Bureau), I thought this topic is of major interest right now.
I am a Hispanic business owner and also the director of entrepreneurship for the Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of NJ (largest chamber in the State), and I run multiple entrepreneurship programs for them. I can be of support if you decide to move forward with this topic. Best, Valeria