Cadre Lays off 28 Employees, Moves to Launch New Fund

Cadre operates a real estate investment platform and recently shared that they are laying off 28 employees due to the current pandemic; this equates to about 25% of their workforce; Cadre’s revenue has decreased as transactions in commercial real estate have slowed; Cadre is also looking on to capitalize on the current real estate environment and is attempting to launch a new fund; Cadre CEO and co-founder wrote, “The professional respect and personal friendships I have with our team make it gut wrenchingly difficult to share the news that we are reducing our head count by 25 percent…While our current portfolio is holding up well thus far, we are navigating an environment in which real estate transactions have abruptly halted, and we can’t be certain how long this will last.” In 2019 Cadre closed $1 billion in transactions. Forbes

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