Brex Makes Three Key Acquisitions

Credit card fintech Brex has made three acquisitions as the company looks to grow through a number of different ways; the company acquired blockchain startup Neji, web publishing startup Compose Labs, and internal database company Landria for undisclosed amounts; “Because of the markets, there will be opportunities that weren’t possible before,” Brex Co-CEO Henrique Dubugras said to Business Insider. “Valuations are correcting and many startups can’t raise [funds] right now, so they find it better to work together on things. We are in a position with a lot of cash and a strong business model, so we are in a position to help a lot of these companies.”; with all the uncertainty happening companies are trying to figure out how to survive as investor capital might not be available for the foreseeable future; Brex was in a unique position with the amount of cash they have amassed to make the moves and they are still on the lookout for more deals. Business Insider

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