BillGO Launches COVID-19 Bill Pay Relief Hub

A study from WalletHub says 67 million Americans will not being able to pay their credit card bills due to the current crisis; the same study says 79 percent will struggle with medical debt and 31 percent won’t be able to pay their energy bills; BillGO, a provider of bill pay and real-time payments systems, launched the COVID-19 Bill Pay Relief Hub, an interactive site that lists financial institutions and other companies offering payment relief to people impacted by COVID-19; the range of offerings include deferred payments, waived late fees, loan forbearance, refunds, delayed evictions and foreclosures and suspension of service disconnections; 66 percent of banks in the program are waiving fees and 66 percent are deferring payments; consumers are encouraged to keep a close eye on their credit scores, even though Congress encouraged lenders not to report the onus is on the lender to make the decision. Forbes

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