BBVA Partners with Nok Nok Labs for Password-Less Experience

BBVA thinks it has solved the issue of making the customer experience more efficient but still secure; the bank has partnered with Nok Nok Labs to provide passwordless logins or as Nok Nok Labs calls it FIDO (Fast Identity Online); “BBVA is trying to provide frictionless, password-less environments for accessing the bank and using banking applications,” said Phil Dunkelberger, President and CEO of Nok Nok Labs to American Banker; BBVA did not specify which authentications they are using but said customers can expect to see changes in the coming months; “We don’t believe that there’s one single mechanism that we can say this is the appropriate one,” Juan Francisco Losa, BBVA Global Head of Security Architecture, said to American Banker. “It always depends on the channel, and security threats evolve constantly.” American Banker

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