Banks Start Banning Zoom Due to Security Concerns

Video conferencing service Zoom has seen a dramatic rise in users with more than 300 million users now using the service, up from about 10 million in December; according to a poll from Blind 28 percent of financial employees were worried about information being compromised; 56.6 percent of Visa employees have stopped using Zoom and 55.6 percent of American Express employees have stopped using Zoom; hackers have also used what is described as Zoombombing to disrupt calls by breaking into a session and showing graphic photos; there was recently a report that said more than 500,000 sets of Zoom usernames and passwords were discovered on the darknet for sale; Zoom has been working to address the issues and some believe the problem is being overstated as they are facing growing pains due to the rapid adoption of the platform in the last few weeks. American Banker

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