Argentina Startups are Accustomed to Crisis Times

Startups in Argentina have been used to dealing with various crises in the last decade and the pandemic just adds another event to contend with; “You either adapt or die,” says Ezequiel Calcamari, President of Argentina’s association for entrepreneurs, to the FT. “Being an entrepreneur in Argentina isn’t for just anybody. Maybe they’re not heroes, but almost.”; the country has produced a number of high valued fintech startups proving their product in Argentina then expanding abroad; MercadoLibre and Ualá are two examples of companies that were born in the crisis ridden country and able to expand regionally to build well respected brands; Pierpaolo Barbieri, who in 2017 founded Ualá, explains to the FT, “The disruptions created by crisis are fertile ground for innovation,” he says. “Teams, capital and great ideas can coalesce at a time of crisis.” Financial Times

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