American Express Accelerates Transition to the Cloud

American Express started making the slow transition a few years ago to cloud computing but the pandemic forced wide adoption as most of their workforce is now work from home; a recent survey by Refinitiv says 48 percent of tech budgets at banks will be used for the public cloud; the company believes in the cloud for a variety of reasons including productivity and speed; “In artificial intelligence, machine learning or data analytics, you get capabilities out of the box in the cloud that even just a couple of years ago, it would have taken teams of engineers months or years of work to build,” Evan Kotsovinos, Global Head of Infrastructure at American Express, said to American Banker. “That’s a super-powerful accelerator.”; the resilience of the cloud is also allowing the company to perform better than expected; Amex is also dedicated to using open-source software Kubernetes, “We use a number of different technologies that you would imagine we use, but our centerpiece is Kubernetes,” Kotsovinos said. “We’re very opinionated. We really believe in open standards.” American Banker

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