Afterpay CEO Talks About Going Public in Australia

Karen Webster of PYMNTS talks with Afterpay CEO Nick Molnar about going public early on in the company’s journey; The Australian company went public in 2016, just nine months after their first capital raise; one of the biggest challenges was that the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) concept was still new and many investors didn’t understand why millennials would prefer Afterpay over a credit card; they also wanted to know how a company with just 10,000 users (at the time) was going to scale; what Afterpay managed to create was quite unique, it created virality on both the merchant and consumer sides of their platform; since the IPO Afterpay has gone global, opening up in the U.S. 18 months ago, in the UK in 2019 and more countries on the roadmap for 2020. PYMNTS

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