The Lending Club Story is Available Free For the Next Five Days

How the world's largest peer to peer lender is transforming finance and how you can benefit
Last week I released The Lending Club Story, the first book ever written about the world’s leading peer to peer lender. I said in my post announcing the book that I would be releasing it for free on Amazon shortly. Well that time is now.

For the next five days you can download The Lending Club Story to your Kindle absolutely free. Don’t have a Kindle? Neither do I. But I read most of my books today on my iPad with the free Kindle app. You can also download a Kindle app for any tablet, Mac or PC or if you have really good eyes you can also read the book on your smartphone.

The Lending Club Story will cost $4.99 after Tuesday of next week. Consider this my Thanksgiving gift to you. So, go download it and tell your friends to do so as well. All I ask in return is that you give it a review on Amazon after you have read it.

Thank you.



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      Chris, I intend to put out a paperback at some point. I like the idea of a Kindle ebook because it is easy to update. But I know many people still prefer a regular paper book.

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    Peter, good job. I read it yesterday.
    I’ll announce the free download on my blog today, so people don’t miss that opportunity

    Regarding the paper version: If you go print on demand you can update any time.


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