Social Lending Network is Now Lend Academy

New logo for Lend Academy help investing understand peer to peer lending

Today this blog has changed. No longer will it be, we have moved to But don’t worry everything is still here. You will notice that the only thing that has changed is the URL, name and logo – everything else is the same. Thanks to everyone who helped me choose the new logo – this one above was the clear winner.

So Why the Change?

This is something I have been mulling for the last 12 months. When I first took over the Social Lending Network about two years ago I didn’t know what direction it would take. I knew I loved peer to peer lending and I liked writing and running a blog so it sounded like a good idea at the time.

Back then I also didn’t know whether p2p lending would really take off. In October 2010, when I took over the Social Lending Network, Lending Club and Prosper combined for around $15 million in new loan volume just a fraction of today. But more importantly back then I didn’t know exactly what role the blog should have.

Since then it has become clear that this blog is really about learning. And I believe that I have learned as much or more from you, the reader, as you have from me. But learning is the foundation of what I am trying to do here. I want to teach everyone about p2p lending so it can become firmly entrenched in the financial landscape. With that in mind the name change to Lend Academy makes sense. This is a place where people can come to learn about p2p lending.

The Transition to Lend Academy

There are many parts of this transition and not everything is changing today. We have a new Facebook page that I encourage everyone to go ahead and like. There will be no longer any updates on the old Facebook page. Our twitter account has been renamed from @Socialloans to @LendAcademy.

It will take a few weeks before everything has been rebranded completely. But I am excited about this new journey with a brand that reflects what I am trying to accomplish.

All the 350+ posts I have written in the past two years are still here. In fact if you have bookmarked an old post you will be automatically redirected to the new URL. If you encounter any problems with the new site please let me know. And as always, I would love to hear your feedback. What do you think of this change?


  1. Conor says

    Well done, Peter. I like the logo and, more importantly, the smooth transition. I look forward to continue to learn from one of the best in the industry.

    • says

      Thanks Conor. The transition was not that smooth from behind the scenes (these things really are) but I tried hard to make it smooth from the reader perspective. So far so good.

  2. Louis says

    I like the new look but the link to how you are investing in 2012 is no longer working. Do you have a new link to that information?

    Thanks Peter

  3. Marsha says

    I just wanted to say thank you for all your help, information, etc on p2p. Being a newbie at this, your articles, webinar, ebook and all have been so helpful. I am almost ready to open an account with Prosper. Possibly Lending Club in the future. Keep up the good work. I’m not so sure I like the name Lend Academy….sounds rigid and industrial (LOL) to me, but it really doesn’t matter what you call your site – it’s the best !!! Thanks again !

  4. Dan says

    Hi Peter, do you prefer to be called Pete or Peter? Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the time and effort you put into this educational process. I’ve been involved with Lending Club for over a year now and have been extremely pleased with the results. So pleased in fact, that I actually plan on retiring from fulltime work next Spring and use the income just from LC to cover my current wages. I project 1800-2000 active notes by then and should be in good shape. Obviously, one should NOT put all of their eggs into one basket even as I am tempted to do so but that would be illogical. As you know, defaults can kill your bottom line. At the moment, I have been investing on a conservative level and still earning OVER 10 % with LC. Staying mostly with HIGH FICO scores, A & B notes with a minimum work requirement of 5 yrs along with other factors, I HAVE NEVER HAD AN A NOTE DEFAULT so 4-5% IS EASY TO LIVE WITH. Thanks for letting me share with you and our investing colleagues.

    • says

      Hi Dan, Either Pete or Peter is fine. And I am glad you are finding the blog useful. Congratulations on getting no defaults thus far, you obviously have good selection criteria and I would also add that you have been lucky. Even with A-grade loans there are defaults, just not as many as with the lower grade loans. I hope your great returns continue and thanks for sharing.

  5. says


    Your website is great, it’s been a help to me as I’ve recently jumped into social lending this summer, although I know full well I’ve only scratched the surface in looking at the material available. Keep up the good work!


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