P2P Lending at the Money2020 Conference

Next month in Las Vegas is the inaugural Money2020 conference. You may not have heard of it but they are billing themselves as a “groundbreaking event for emerging payments and financial services”.

The list of speakers is pretty impressive, even more so now that my name has been added to the list… Yes, I will be participating in a panel on p2p lending along with Renaud Laplanche of Lending Club, Kirk Inglis of Prosper and Steve Rabago of ZimpleMoney. I am curious to see how many of these cutting edge financial types are interested in p2p lending. I will report back after the conference.

Here is the official speil from the conference organizers about Money2020:

Money2020 Expo is a groundbreaking event for emerging payments and financial services, bringing together innovators in money to create the definitive industry community. Whether you’re established or startup, if you’re working hard to disrupt the status quo, Money2020 is for you.

Money2020 spans the entire long tail of the evolution of money — from novel saving solutions, to new spending value propositions, to evolving forms of lending.

If you are interested in going they have given me a special 20% off coupon to share with my readers. The coupon code is PRENT2020. And if you decide to go be sure to let me know, I would love to catch up.


  1. Dan B says

    So you’re not paying the fee for some of us to go & cheer for you. Or to lob some softball questions that you can then hit out of the park? :)

      • Dan B says

        I haven’t been to a conference/convention in Vegas in many years. Are these $1400-$2000 prices average for attending financial conferences.conventions?

  2. says

    I really don’t know the going rate for these kinds of conferences although I can tell you that the Financial Bloggers Conference that I attended in Denver a couple of weeks ago was less than 10% of the cost of this conference.

    • Tim says

      Peter, I can’t wait to read your post after the conference. I always learn a lot and benefit financially from following your blog. I am in the process of getting my prosper account funded at 25k (+ 1k bonus–thanks to you)! With a p2p account like that, I am beginning to feel like a big-boy investor (although I realize it is chump change compared to your account(s).

      Always beneficial information. I thank you very much!

  3. Dan B says

    I’m not surprised that the financial bloggers conference was so much cheaper, I was trying to say before I got cut off.

  4. Charlie H says

    Lol 2,000 $

    I could go to phramacy Mid year, pay to stay at the Marriott and flight and still have money left over to spend at Epics UMG….

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