Help Name the First P2P Lending Conference

One of my New Years’s goals was to put on the world’s first conference dedicated to p2p lending this year. So it was serendipitous that I received an email from Dara Albright of NowStreet Media a couple of weeks ago. Dara has put on dozens of conferences including a crowdfunding conference last year. We are going to be working together over the next few months to bring you the first p2p lending conference.

This conference will be targeted at investors. This includes regular readers of this blog who are private investors as well as institutions looking to invest large sums in this space. I have spoken with the top management at Lending Club and Prosper and they have given their verbal support to the idea. We will also be inviting other innovative companies in the nascent peer to business lending space, student loans and other kinds of lending similar to p2p.

But now we need help naming this conference. We have decided we don’t really want to use the “peer to peer” name because that term no longer reflects the reality at Lending Club and Prosper and we are looking to broaden our reach somewhat. This conference will be all about lending so we want the name to reflect that. We have come up with three ideas:

  1. Lendit Conference – Catchy name that gets to the point. This new kind of lending really is “it”.
  2. LendSym – Short for the peer to peer and alternative lending symposium. This name is short, easy to remember and uses symposium instead of conference (and let’s fact it Lendcon is not a good name).
  3. WeLend Conference – Encompassing all of lending as the “we” is a group that includes small and large investors alike.

Please vote for your favorite name below. And feel free to leave a comment to let us know why you voted for it. Or if you think you have a better name please share it below. Thanks for your help.



  1. Danny S says

    I think that Prosper might object to any conference with the word “Lend” in it? I would, if I were them.

    something more along the lines of “Social Finance Conference” or whatever (I’m sure others can come up with better names) would perhaps be more appropriate.

    And maybe Kiva should be invited? I know, not the same thing exactly, but still…

    • Dan B says

      Kiva? Not the same thing “exactly”? More like not the same thing at all. Try……………..a much better fit to the comment, not the same thing exactly, but still.

  2. says

    I was going to say “LendCon” since it seems like everything is a SomethingCon these days, but I guess in this context “Con” might not have the right connotations… :-)

    I’m not sure the three proposed names give me any idea of what it’s about, though. I like Danny’s idea of something like Social Finance or Social Lending. There has to be a name for what the conference is about, right? It can’t be “Well, it’s peer-to-peer lending but we don’t call it that anymore.”

  3. says

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I like Direct Lending as well but there is already a Direct Lending Conference run by the credit unions so it would be ambiguous. That is why we need a unique name.

    I don’t like the social lending concept, because I think it implies a social purpose, but this is a conference for investors who are looking to make money in this space. And Dan is right, Kiva is not going to be invited because they offer nothing for investors – they are all interest free loans.

    • Dan B says

      May I be so bold & contrarian to suggest that the term p2p needs to be in the title somewhere…………………if for no other reason than the simple fact that everyone is working way too hard to try to exclude it & to come up with something suitable to replace it………………without it being too vague or sounding like a sci-fi or comic book convention. No offense.

      How about p2pinvestments? Or Directp2pinvesting?

    • says

      While I would love to call it that, this conference is a joint venture with another organization so I can’t really call it that. But I will be leveraging the Lend Academy brand in all communication about the conference.

    • Randawl says

      I’m with Larry, I like that sound of that. Some others that came to mind:

      Lend Academy Symposium
      Lend Academy Conference
      Lendit Investor Symposium
      Lendit Investor Conference
      Lending Investor Conference
      Lending Investor Symposium
      Microlending Investor Conference
      Microlending Investor Symposium

  4. Loren Picard says

    If the conference is targeted at investors, why not a name with Invest in it? InvestCom, AltInvestCom, InvestLend, InvestLand, etc. I agree that P2P should not be included. P2P is really the technology platform that carries out the pipeline and asset management functions.

  5. Dan B says

    For better or for worse, what do you call this investment when talking to someone?
    Do you call it Lendinvestments or We lend investments or any of the other suggested names that are working so hard not to have p2p in its name? Do a web search & what do you find?

    p2p has consensus name recognition. The idea behind it may have changed, the implementation may have changed, but at the end of the day it’s the only term that keeps getting used across the board. Ultimately that is the only thing that matters imo.

  6. says

    Thanks for your suggestions everyone, we discussed them all on our call yesterday. But I think we are going to go with the Lendit Conference – it has garnered 50% of the vote in the poll and we like the name. Stay tuned for more details.

    • Roy S. says

      I guess I’m a little late to opine. Perhaps Crowdfunding in the name would give a better idea of what the conference is about without having to use p2p. Like Symposium on Crowdfunding or something along those lines…I’ve only thought about it for the duration of reading your blog post and the comments, so I might need some more time to do a better job on the name.

      • Roy S. says

        Well, after rereading your blog, it appears that a crowdfunding conference has already been done. So you can nix my idea. Or you could possibly combine this conference with the crowdfunding conference and make it bigger and better…or not. Well, I’m out of ideas. 😕

        • says

          Roy, Always good to hear your comments. We explored the idea of combining with crowdfunding but LC and Prosper were dead against it. They want to make sure that p2p lending and crrowdfunding remain separate.

          • Roy S. says

            That’s a shame. Crowdfunding, p2p lending and microfinance are really just different sides of the same coin (in my very humble opinion). I can understand how they would like to keep it separate, but in my mind they are all the same idea…a lot of investors pooling their money to lend to a lot of different individual borrowers. I feel like the term p2p lending no longer fits the industry, though, and they should offer up a term that better suits what p2p lending has evolved into. Really, they can call it whatever they want, but I prefer crowdfunding to describe all three variants–I believe it is the most accurate. Maybe Directlend or some derivation of that might be more appealing to TPTB.


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