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Have you noticed the Forum link at the top right of this page? That is the Lend Academy forum where plenty of discussion happens outside the blog.

I encourage everyone to register on the forum and participate. If you have a question you can post it there and get an answer. I check the Forum every day and I much prefer to answer questions in public on the forum where everyone can benefit rather than in private via email.

Right now there are several interesting topics being discussed. There is this thread about the reduced number of loans at Lending Club that was asked by a reader yesterday. I started a new thread this morning about the recent interest rate drop at Prosper. So jump in and give us your 2c worth. And feel free to introduce yourself. Thanks.


  1. Danny S says

    can I suggest, instead of a small link to “forum” at the very top of the page, you move the link somewhere more prominent, such as the grey bar where you have New here / investors/ borrowers … etc… and maybe even make it a different color to stand out more.

    • says

      Thanks Danny, I have added the Forum to the grey bar. I can’t the change the color myself so I am going to leave it that way. I will also leave the link in the top right – it can’t hurt to have it in both places. I will see if this makes a difference.

  2. Roy S says

    So, here is a weird question (or two). I believe the maximum an individual can invest at Prosper is limited to $5 million, and $50 million is the max for institutional investors. I’m almost positive that I read WB2 had committed to invest $150 million. WB2 is currently approaching $50 million invested (though I’m not sure how much of that is reinvested interest). Are these limits still in place? Does Prosper set these requirements or is it a government institution (e.g. SEC, state governments, etc)?

    • says

      Funny you should ask that Roy. I was doing some light reading of the Prosper prospectus earlier this week and was reminded of the $50 million limit and so I thought the exact same thing. They are really going to have to update that document to allow for WB2 – at their current rate they will go over the $50 million limit before the end of the year.

      My understanding is that this is a limit set by Prosper – LC has no such limit so it will be an easy thing to change I imagine.

    • FrankieC says

      Now that is a perfect example of a question that belongs on the forum and not in comments to this article 😉

      • says

        Agreed Frankie. I am going to continue to gently push people over to the forums but I am not going to stop the discussion from flowing here as well. Thanks for driving this.

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