Can You Help Me With The Rebranding of my Blog?

The Social Lending Network is changing. It is being renamed and rebranded to become Lend Academy. And I would like your help in choosing the new logo for Lend Academy. Since I am big believer in the peer to peer space I have decided to turn over the final branding decision to my peers.

I am running a design contest on 99designs and I have decided on the eight finalists. Now, I am leaving it up to you. Whichever design wins the most votes will be the new logo for Lend Academy. You can vote in the contest here.

Why the Change?

The current blog name and logo is one I inherited when I bought this blog back in October 2010 and I always intended to give it my own look. It has also become clear to me that the name Social Lending Network is somewhat confusing and can even be misleading. I get 2-3 emails a week from people asking me for money because they think I lend money directly. Also, the term social lending is never used by Prosper or Lending Club these days. Prosper uses peer to peer lending and Lending Club uses the term prime consumer notes or just consumer lending.

I wrote last year that peer to peer lending needs a new name but there has been no consensus on what that name will be. But I do know this industry is all about lending and investing. And my mission here is to educate the world about this type of lending – hence the name Lend Academy.

So, I would appreciate it if you would vote for my new logo here. Nothing is going to change right away, this is quite a large project to do a rebranding like this. But stay tuned. And thank you.



  1. Dan B says

    I don’t do well with logos, but I’m thinking that if your mission is “to educate the world about this type of lending”, why not call it People’s Lending Academy. That way one day if you really want to go global you can have a mirror site in China, Cuba, N. Korea…………….& just add the word democratic to the front of the name. It’ll work out perfectly. :)

  2. Gary says

    I would starve as a graphic designer so I could vote and if you pick any design but the one I suggest, you will have a “winner”! However, it seems to me you started branding with the logo you used on the Wealth System video set – why not stay with that?

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